Het vakantietasje voor de kids

Het vakantietasje voor de kids

What essential oils and hydrosols should you pack especially for children's little aches and pains?

We suggest 5 essential aromatherapy products to use with confidence for the little ones in summer. *

Fine lavender for sunburn

As a hydrosol, it is applied as a compress 4 to 5 times a day to children's sunburns.**

For a child from 3 years old, consider fine lavender essential oil diluted in St John's wort macerate: up to 1% of essential oil. Caution: St John's wort macerate is photosensitising, do not use before exposure to the sun

Rose Geranium for cuts

To calm the bleeding of a small cut or scratch in a child from 3 years old, apply a compress soaked in pure rose geranium essential oil for a few minutes (1 to 2 drops on the compress).

For a wound that is too close to the eyes or a child under 3 years of age, opt for its hydrosol.

Immortelle for haematomas

As a hydrosol, it is applied as a compress 4 to 5 times a day to bruises and blows to the child or baby until the haematoma is absorbed.

For a child from 3 years old, we think of the essential oil of immortelle diluted in an arnica macerate: up to 2% of essential oil.

Lemon for motion sickness

For children aged 3 and over, 10 drops of lemon oil can be added to the cotton wool of a pocket inhaler and inhaled during the journey.

It is also used on the car diffuser: a few drops of lemon oil on the cotton pad of the "Aroma Line" diffuser to be placed on the car's ventilation system.

Spike lavender for stings

Consider spraying fine lavender and/or geranium hydrosol on the bites to gently soothe.

For a child from 3 years old, one drop of lavender in a hazelnut of calendula oily macerate is used to soothe a sting.

From the age of 4, apply a drop of pure lavender essential oil to the bite.

Precautions for use

  • Always refer to the precautions for use and recommended dosages in the essential oil's leaflet or to reference books on aromatherapy;
  • Always do the elbow test to check for skin allergies;
  • Respect the dosages;
  • Respect a therapeutic window (max 3 weeks of use with one week of break);
  • Never use in the eyes, ear and nose openings;
  • Exceptional oral route and in specific cases;
  • In case of asthma: consult a specialist before use.

*This advice is given for information purposes only and does not replace medical information.

**Children under 3 years of age should not be exposed to the sun.

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