Hair and the sun

Hair and the sun

We share with you our favourite tips and ingredients for a beautiful mane throughout the summer.

Sea water, sand, wind, chlorine from swimming pools and, above all, UV rays, hair is put under a lot of pressure in summer. Here are our little natural routines to avoid having hair like hay in September! 

1. Protect & Nurture

To protect hair from the sun and to nourish and repair the ends, coat your hair with protective plant oils.

The right move:

efore each prolonged exposure and before each swim, apply a dab of oil to the lengths and ends. After swimming in the sea or pool, rinse your hair with fresh water, dry it and coat it with oil again.

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2. Repairing damaged hair

To prevent split ends, preserve natural colour and regenerate damaged ends, think of plant butters. Rich, highly nourishing and repairing, they are a complete care product for your lengths and ends.

The right move:

Before shampooing, if your hair is very dry and damaged, coat the ends and lengths with a dab of plant butter. Leave on for 20 minutes to one night and then rinse!

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3. Moisturise your hair

To prevent hair breakage, give your hair an extra dose of moisture. Dehydrated hair can be recognised by its appearance: dull, frothy, with a texture that 'crunches' under your fingers.

The right move

Take a dab of aloe vera gel or Gentle Balance cream in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together, tilt your head down and run your hands through your hair. This will give you a "beach look" with beautiful waves! If you prefer to keep your hair straight, simply apply to the ends.

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Apply your oil first and then the moisturiser!

4. Shine!

To restore shine to hair, consider essential oils that tone and add shine to hair.

The right move

Add a drop of essential oil to your shampoo, oil or moisturiser

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5. Lovely curls!

To define curls and limit frizz, consider the duo broccoli oil and aloe vera gel.

The right move

Coat your curls after the shower with a mixture of aloe vera gel and broccoli oil

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